31 décembre 2012


Sorry guys for this unforgivable use of the F-word but I couldn’t find anything else to qualify what happened to me tonight.

I went shopping in Brussels, “Rue Neuve” today and went proper mental when I saw all these amazing clothes on sale. I’ll do a “Rue Neuve Haul” video or article later to show you what I got.

So tonight I wasn’t planning going out, I was just trying on the amazing foundings I made earlier in the day. When me and my sister finished, we went down to eat and watch a movie called something “Crime” with Mom. That movie was pretty deep by the way. I got back on my laptop to check my Facebook event and I remembered that there was something up in town. So I jump in the car with my brand new outfit (in which I apparently looked fierce) and speed to meet my friend.

I finally arrive, seventeen minutes later approximately, to find out that I had just missed SNOOP DOGG in person. They showed me the pictures and autographs they had. Is it useful to tell you how I feel right now?

I comfort myself by thinking that at least it wasn’t Lil Wayne or WORST Machine Gun Kelly.But still it was Snoop Dogg and for once there wasn’t a crowd of hysteric fans around him, just us. Well If I had been there I would have certainly been the hysteric crowd on my own.



I sat next to John Lennon to feel better.

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